Top Female Actors Who So Wanted To Be Singers

Top Female Actors Who So Wanted To Be Singers


GENEVIEVE NNAJ: She’s one of the biggest name to have come out from Africa in acting. With multiple awards to her name, 37 years old Mbaise, Imo State, Nigerian actress, model, mother of one, who grew up in Lagos, is the Julia Roberts of Africa. Her acting prowess is unmatched. As an actress ,she excelled beautifully. She is loved by Africans, home and abroad.

 At a time in her acting career , every movie jacket carried her face. Which made directors and producers sought after her. She was in high demand and became the highest paid actress of her time.

Some directors could not meet up with her high demand of fees. When the directors could not meet with her demand, a ban was placed on her and rest of her top colleagues who were high earners as well.

She then decided to test the singing waters. That was the beginning of how this beautiful screen diva took to music and announced to her adoring fans she was venturing into music.

With the amount of love and fame she garnered from her acting career, one would easily expect same from any other thing, she sets out to do. But that was not to be.

The album launch took place in Ghana titled ” One Logologo Line” Whatever that meant she never explained till date. Her first video from the album was titled “No more”

It was the beginning of a music career for her but the outcome of  the album wasn’t  encouraging as many of her fans thought she wasn’t born to sing.

while testing the music waters, she did hold on to her day job, acting. when all was done with the singing bug, she continued to grace our screen with her ageless beauty and acting prowess.

OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE: In 2013 she was honoured in Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world along side Beyonce and  Michelle Obama. With multiple awards to her credit in acting.

Beautiful Omotola Jalade Ekeinde from Ogun state ,is a very versatile Nigerian actress who can fit into any role she’s given to interpret .39 years old Omotola grew up in Lagos, a mother of four beautiful children.

As an actress, Omotola is loved, home and abroad. And she has never failed in explaining to her ever adoring fans on how she juggles been a mother with her demanding acting career.  “Priority “she says has kept her family intact, all of these  times.

She was among those affected by the ban. I guess she had to find something to ease her boredom. 2005 she took to music to keep her fans entertained hence she was off  the screen.

 Though very much loved by her fans, that did not stop them from putting a question mark on her singing abilities.

Her first album titled “Gba”,was a no hit. Though the beauty took time out from singing, she did make a come back. Five years on after her first attempt, she decided to try again by releasing another album  “Feel alright” which yet again faild to impress her legions of fans. One fact cannot be disputed, she’s the darling of the home video screen.

TONTO DIKE: Controversial Port Harcourt born actress Tonto Dike woke up one faithful day and decided to do music. 30 year- old mother of one is controversial as controversial goes., that when she actually announced her intention to go into music, many thought she might just pull it off, mainly due to her fiesty personality. That was not to be .Nigerians awaited in anticipation for her first single, which was released in 2012 titled “Hi”

In 2014 she was signed to DB Lee records , owned by D’banj. There was media frenzy and speculation of what was coming. She was named the first lady of their music house.

Tonto could not make the music impact as was expected.She  Some released singles and she was done, maybe for now.The stunning actress is back doing what she is best at, acting and that she is very brilliant at.

Married with a son, she recently separated from her husband and father  of her child. The beautiful actress accused the husband of abusing her physically, she was applauded for speaking out and against domestic violence and abuse.

LILIAN BACH:  One time delta soap model, actress, 47 years old Lilian Bach was Born in Lagos.  This delta soap model graced our screens with her beauty and acting, she was the darling choice of many movie directors. She was always on location shooting one movie or the other, Lillan practically had producers of movie falling at her feet to have her in their moves, there was no denying her beauty played a great part in this.

She too like others dabbled into  music, after some attempts, she went back  doing what she was known and loved for, bringing her beauty to our homes through the various roles she acted.

To all these beautiful ladies, there is no denying that they brought a lot into the Nigerian entertainment industry.

By Pat A For Unbrokenchords