Two-Day Old Baby Girl Abandoned In A Pit Toilet Rescued

Two-Day Old Baby Girl Abandoned In A Pit Toilet Rescued


Information according to a post shared on a social media platform by user  Anodo Abraham, a new born baby was abandoned inside the pit seen in this picture. The baby was fortunately got rescued, this according to the social media user happened in Benue state

The story as shared

“Residents of Ikpayongo in the early hours of today trooped to the market square to catch a glimpse on a two day old baby girl that was discovered in a pit latrine and rescued by some members of the vigilante group in the area.

A member of the group, Tersoo Ngueyongo told Harvest FM that the baby girl was rescued following a distress call by a man popularly known as Morocco that a child is crying in his pit latrine.

Mr Ngueyongo stated that he quickly mobilized his team which led to the removal of the baby alive.

A neighbour, Mr Thomas Anongo expressed shock over the incident describing the act as crime against humanity.”

The mother is yet to be known while the two day old baby girl was later handed over to the police who will be contacting the social service department to hand the baby over to them.

I hope with proper medical treatment, this baby will be fine, to be abandoned in a pit toilet for two days is very horrible and most traumatic for a new born baby.The best thing the mother of this baby can do to make amends for such an act of inhumanity is to come forward and claim responsibility for this act.

I hope a wonderful family will adopt her and she will have the beautiful life she was destined for and that nothing about this horrible and evil act ever in any way impact her life.