I Am Unbroken!!..Stringing my chords..Melodies Unbroken

I Am Unbroken!!..Stringing my chords..Melodies Unbroken


“She took his verbal punches and she felt silenced under the mental prison that he had held her in. She looked perfect on the outside, but her body expressed her pain. Her soul was crystallized, permanently on survival-mode. He thought he was smart, but he had no idea that he was married to a lotus. She rose every time because she knew he could not take away her worth. She knew she was meant to have more. She loved herself through the horror, and regained her ability to keep walking, to keep breathing, to keep living. She rose peacefully like the lotus, elegant and full of class, untouched by his filthy, meaningless existence… and that had always left him powerless.” ― Karen A. Baquiran


I am a survivor, I am the lotus Karen Baquiran wrote about. I am the one that could not be broken. Day in day out I took the verbal punches, there were days I wish it was the physical punches, oh yes, emotional abuse is equally as damaging if not more than physical abuse. The former will make you to become depressed and likely suicidal while you could get killed in the latter.

I was a domestic violence victim for years. My story will make the most hardened cry. I went through it all, name any kind and form of abuse. The physical abuse still gives me nightmares to this day. I remember being taken into emergency several times. I have got my “beautiful” scars and a lot more but I am good now and have never been better!

I have made peace with myself and have come to accept what happened. I have stopped  asking or searching for reasons as to why this person did all of that to me.

I survived, that is all that matters.

As part of my healing journey, I want to use my life experience to relate, empathize and give support to those presently caught up in it and those walking through their broken glasses.

I am the model woman of why you should walk away if you are a victim. I say walk away before it’s too late, it took me years to find the strength but I did walk away. I know how complicated it can be, but find that inner you, therein lies the strength. Do not be  scared of the unknown, you will find support, you only have to look up and ask.


I Am Unbroken !!


lets share our experience to motivate and help others



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I am honored that you found solace within my words. I am with you in your fight. ❤🙌🏻✌🏻🌈🦄

  2. Thanks, i feel so blessed to have your support. You are a beautiful and inspiring writer/poet. God bless you. its really a big honour.