Uncle kills 4yrs old boy, skinned him, Drank his Blood, ate his...

Uncle kills 4yrs old boy, skinned him, Drank his Blood, ate his Heart & Brain in Witchcraft ritual



Some people are without doubt agents of  the devil.

A child of 4 who went missing in south Africa while out playing with friends has being discovered by police dead. He was killed by his uncle in what is being said to be a witchcraft related ritual killing.

The room where he killed, skinned the 4yrs old boy, drank his blood, ate his heart and brain.

 According to a police spokesman, the man responsible for this heinous crime has just recently been realesed from prison after serving time for murder

Mandisi Gwanya, 30, not only killed him but skinned him, drank his blood and ate his heart in an evil witchcraft ritual.

The 4 yrs old boy by name Kamvelihle Ngala was outside playing with friends when he went missing. the grandmother went out to search for him. the sister to his grandmother raised concern about his son who was Kamvelihle uncle saying he was behaving like a possesed being.   To the grandmother horror on getting and entering  the nephew’s house, she was confronted with what looked like a scene from an horror movie. this is what she told reporters

Kamvelihle Ngala pictured here was killed in a ritual setting by a trusted uncle

” i thought a pig had been slaughtered, there was so much blood and then i saw the hand of my small boy and pieces of meant “

It was obvious from where and how the body parts were found that the evil uncle has been cooking and eating the remains of the 4yrs old after killing and skinning him for witchcraft ritual. He confessed to the 4yrs old grandmother who was also his Aunty that he killed and ate the boy. He also confessed to the police and the villagers how he killed him,  ate his brains, heart and drank the blood of the 4yr old child. He has since being charged with murder. Mandisi Gwanya remains in custody as ordered by the Port St Johns  Magistrates court in Eastern province, south African.

Villagers all took part in the search before the grim discovery

” my grandson did not deserve to die like that, especially at the hands of a family member who was supposed to protect and love him”. This were the agonising words by the grandmother who who  was the child carer.

what would drive a man to commit such a horror is beyond the human understanding.  Though the killing, skinning, gouging of eyes and the blood drinking all point to ritualistic killing and witchcraft practice, who knows he could as well be operating under the influence of drugs. As put by one of the villagers elders, he said ‘When people are on drugs they are uncontrollable. What people saw in that flat will haunt them forever’

One thing is for certain, Mandisi Gwanya, 30 was not a sane man.

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  1. God what has this word turn into
    If truly you look at us now with the iniquities and atrocities God would apologies to sodom And gomora
    RIP boy, your blood is in the hands of your so Called uncle, plus no matter what he’s gonna face the consequences of his actions

  2. An short of words these is beyond imagination. May God have mercy on us and may that little boy soul rest in perfect peace.amen.
    That uncle deserve death as penalty. Say no to domestic violence and child abuse. Thanks