University Student Caught Flushing 1-day Old Baby She Gave Birth To

University Student Caught Flushing 1-day Old Baby She Gave Birth To


WARNING: Distressing Images!!

The young lady pictured is said to be  a student of the University of Maiduguri.

Allegedly, she got pregnant and gave birth to the child on her own, a baby girl, these happened  in the female hostel of the school. According to news making the round on social media, the said young lady managed to give birth on her own and the killed the baby, a baby girl.

She did not stop at killing the baby girl, she now went further to try to get rid of the body, this she attempted to do by  trying to flush the dead bay through the toilet. It was at that point she was caught.

Below is the context of the information as shared on a social media platform.shared on by a social media user Enigwe Supreme Peter,  who is also a student of  same University  as the young lady who committed this act. Bothe were students of the University of Maiduguri.

He wrote;

‘Some ladies are heartless.crazy, stupid. In fact I don’t know any word suitable to describe this lady. Sometimes I wonder why some girls don’t  have the fear of God in their life.The picture below is a true life story of what just happened at Murtala female Hostel at the University of Maiduguri today. As a lady gave birth to a female child.killed the child by herself  and was coercing the child into the female hostel toilet.My question is.If this lady was treated in this manner will she be alive today? Who will marry such a heartless woman as a wife?

What this young lady has done is totally unacceptable, but we as a society need to look beyond what she has done to why and what would drive a young girl to such an act.

This happening fortunately will go on, many happen without anyone knowing, she got caught hence we know. The truth is, unless there is a system that supports and help young pregnant girls to understand, make and take decision when they get pregnant, this will continue.

A support body that is not a check and blame one, not a judgemental one, but a support body that young girls like her can go to, knowing they will get support to reach whatever decision they want, get the help and support to ensure both the woman the baby are are given choices.

The woman, knowing she has a choice and the baby the right to life, either with the biological mother or adopted parent.

This young lady, who knows, would never have come to do this if our society  have a functioning social system.

Yet i ask again and i will ask this a million times plus….are we too poor to afford a social system, one it’s functionality can be seen, not only heard of.