THE UNTOLD STORY 2: Pastor Isikanabasi Ese And Estranged Wife     ...

THE UNTOLD STORY 2: Pastor Isikanabasi Ese And Estranged Wife                       


Sometimes last week the news went viral about named pastor and wife  messy sepration and on going divorce proceeding. The numerous counter accusation as their marriage crumbled.

The estranged wife accused the pastor husband of committing adultery while the pastor though was not willing to engage the wife in a public spat, was left with no option but to address the accusation, calling them all lies and fabrication of hers to ruin his ministry.

Pastor Ese disclosed what really transpired. A church member who saw our article on this issue contacted us and wrote in the true version of what happened.

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The version of what truly transpired as written by a member of the Kairors Ministry….

 Now to the event of last week Wednesday 24th May 2017, I want to state clearly that at absolutely no time was the ex-wife manhandled or beaten as they are clear videos to prove this.

She (Idongesit ukpong ) went to the church while a program was ongoing to cause problem but was abruptly stopped at the entrance of the church and peacefully led outside.

it was at the point of exiting her from the church premises that the elder brother Mr Cletus ukpong jumped through the church fence and tried to force himself too into the church to perpetuate more havoc but  was  stopped and dragged out of the premises .

He Cletus ukpong knowing the evil plans he and the Sister had in mind decided to bring a certain faction of the NUJ journalist and their Bus (UYO FEDERATED CHAPEL) which he as a Journalist has control of, one would then wonder what the NUJ were doing there that day, this also calls for scrutiny of the sincerity of some of our journalists ability to report the truth at all times.

I repeat  at no time was the ex wife of Ambassador Nsikanabasi beaten at the premises of Kairos ministries as alleged by some media outlets and the fake pictures showing painted make up blood stains on her face and body, this is just a lie and desperate act after she and the brother realised their plans that day had failed.

I want to also let us know that the pastor had since filed for divorce in the court since 2016 and rather than her to wait for the court’s decision, she has been going round taking laws into her hands threatening to kill the Pastor and destroy the church completely .

Now listening to all these events, who wouldn’t have rooted for a divorce? Who?.

 I want to end this way, instead of people making unguarded comments and insults on clear issues they just read about, I think the best thing should be for people to ask the ex-wife Idongesit ukpong to dispute all the points and facts raised against Her for the world to see and know who is truthful and who is lying.


    1. Was she ever married to one Anietie Samuel ? Was she divorced from the first marriage before deceiving Ambassador Nsikanabasi into marrying her (this raises the question, can she then lay claims to being the Pastor’s wife?)

     2 Does she have a 7 year old daughter outside her first marriage to Anietie Samuel? And did she at any time divulge this information to the pastor?

  3. Is she a graduate of the University of Uyo,  does she posses an MSC in English Language?or any degree from the institution for that matter? Hence Her NYSC details too?

     4. Was she born in 1981 or 1977 which happens to be the same birth year of the junior brother too.

      5 . Let her show any true prove of her being beaten either in pictures or videos, let her show the true injuries if the fake pictures she later posted was real.

6   Why was the NUJ bus at the premises when the purported incident took place if they were not hired to be there by Idongesit Ukpong and the brother Cletus ukpong

 If Idongesit ukpong cannot show or otherwise prove any of these questions and accusations then please I will seriously suggest people should stop making unguarded comments on this issue and allow the court of Law to do justice to the matter.