UPDATE On 7year-old Boy Beaten To Death By Father

UPDATE On 7year-old Boy Beaten To Death By Father


As earlier reported by a social media user Srigeorgm, the boy gets starved by his step mum on a daily basis. and his father beat him daily. He took to stealing food and money for survival.

Reports coming online is that the 7 year-old stole #3,200 on Friday night and his dad beat him and continued to beat the 7year-old till the early hours of Saturday, the beating started at late night Friday.

He was found lifeless when his father tried waking him up in the morning Saturday.

pictures of the father carrying the lifeless body of the child he beat to death!

Below was how the story was first reported

Why a father would even think of beating a a cild is beyond me, there is no doubt this child has being a victim of abuse in the hands of the father and step mum, and why do i have this feeling this child died while the father was beating him, he most likely knew this boy had died, went to sleep and then pretended to wake him up before raising an alarm on it.

I hope a detailed post morten examination will be carried out, to establish timeline on his death and cause.

The government need to make the social system more visible and present in all areas and easily reached.

Rest In Peace Little One. Fly With The Angels


  1. Why will u beat a defenceless little boy to death just because he stole #3200. Nigerians are too wicked.. Because the Abuse is too much on the little boy and his not bean feed well that is why the boy stole the money. I pray the father and the step mum pay for their sins in Jesus name Amen.

  2. I wonder how a woman will suffers to give birth to a child only for her to wake up leave the child for a beast.look no step mother will come into ur house and love ur child is impossible bcs she will make sure she destroyed things for her to be save and stay so woman becareful