UPDATE: KARABO MOEKENA,22, Was Killed And Burnt By Her Boyfriend Sandile

UPDATE: KARABO MOEKENA,22, Was Killed And Burnt By Her Boyfriend Sandile


WARNING: Graphic Image

 Karabo Mokoena, a South African lady was declared missing   less than a week ago, her photos were on every social network site,  Intense search was on for her as to her whereabouts. Unknown to her family  and loved ones who had high hopes of seeing her alive again, that she has been gruesomely murdered by her on and off 27 years old boyfriend, Sandile.

After murdering her, he went ahead to set her body on fire and burnt her beyond recognition. Some of his family members were alleged to have  assisted him in cleaning up the remains from his luxury apartment in Sandton, where the heinous crime took place.

Before he was caught, he even assisted her family in searching for her missing body when the search for her was on. Unknown to them he had murdered her and disposed off the body. Her identity card was found in a dustbin in Sandton.

According to eye witnesses , Karabo and Sandile were nvolved in a heated arguement in a night club they attended together, before they both drove away and the arguement continued in his apartment.

The part time student was later found dead in a deserted field in Bramley two days later by passerby, who confused her burnt body for a mannequin before  realising it was a real person burnt beyond recognition .

Mantsoe has been charged with premeditated murder  “He claims that he did not know who killed her, but that he panicked and believed people would think he killed her.

He said he stuffed her body into a bin, rolled it out and into his gold BMW and drove to his family home in Lyndhurst. He picked up a tyre, acid and a container and drove to a filling station to buy petrol which he used to douse Mokoena’s body before setting it abalze.

The brutal crime led to a social media storm, with the hashtag #MenAreTrash erupting on Twitter in which scores of women shared their stories of abuse at the hands of loved ones and strangers.

Karabo’s abusive relationship with Mantsoe also emerged. It came to light that the lovers had previously opened cases of assault against each other.

Police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini confirmed that the lovers had reported separate cases to authorities. “The deceased and her boyfriend opened counter charges of common assault,both cases have been taken to the prosecutor for a decision,” ..he said

#RipKarabo Mokoena.