Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children


In a home where domestic violent is present, the woman is not the only victim if there is a child, the child is also a victim.This Video gives a glimpse into what most children go through in a home where domestic violence is present.

We tend to not know how much damaging it is for children in living and witnessing violent and abusive pattern every now and then. Parents need to understand the effects it has on young children.

I have met people who when growing up witnessed one of the parents being abused, the trauma is still present, not only present, some children always resent the abuser.

one common trait with children who grow up witnessing one parent being abusive and violent towards the other is, they are often depressed, unhappy and with so much dislike for the abuser.


This video shows you how memory of what a child witness never leaves, its there in the memory tucked away, anything and everything can bring it all back.

Next time before you raise your voice or hand, stop, think of the effect your action will have on the tomorrow of your children.