Woman In Her 20’s Cuts Off Serial Rapist Genital

Woman In Her 20’s Cuts Off Serial Rapist Genital


An Indian woman in her early 20s, has just reportedly cut off a man’s genitals in  the southern state of Kerala. According to her, the man who is actually a Hindu religious leader, had raped her several times over the course of his visit to her Family’s house.

The Police stated that the man who was later identified as Gangeshananda Theerthapada, has been visiting the family under the cover of performing prayer rituals to cleanse the home, but instead, he assaults the victim.

According to the Victim, this has been going on for several years and she got fed up, took a knife and cut off his genitals as he allegedly tried to rape her, then she called the police herself.

The suspect who was reportedly rushed to Thiruvananthapuram Medical  College for emergency surgery, was bleeding profusely as he was rushed to surgery.

The Hospital stated: “A 54-year-old man from Kollam was admitted at 12.39am [19:09 GMT] to the hospital on Saturday. His penis had been cut (90%) and was hanging precariously. There was no way it could be stitched back.

“Plastic surgeons who are urology experts in the hospital did emergency surgery to stop the blood loss and to enable him to pass urine.” –BBC news reports

Authorities told The Times of India, that the victim had reported the incessant raping she was going through but her mother never did anything about it, and now there is a big chance that the mother might also face charges for not reporting the case.

The Victim was really brave to stand up to her abuser like she did. Protesters who were enraged by the case are currently persisting that Rapists should be hanged as the rate of Rape in India is well on the rise.

Nobody deserves to go through abuse, the biggest blame here for me should go to the Victim’s mother. She is as much a Devil as the Rapist himself as she let her Daughter suffer while she did nothing.

Please speak up if you are being abused, if the people around you don’t respond to your cry, please contact the authorities.

-Igbokah E.E for UnbrokenChords