Woman Charged For Battering 11 Months Old Child

Woman Charged For Battering 11 Months Old Child


A 27 year old woman faced a court yesterday for assaulting an 11 month old baby at a house at the West of Sydney New South Wales, Australia.

She was detained by the Police after she allegedly battered the 11month old infant with a pole and in the very process threatened a older woman of about 50, in the process.

She was arrested and taken to the Police station by the Police officers at the scene of the crime and eventually charged to court with common assault, assault, stalk with intent to cause fear,, occassional actual bodily harm and armed with intent.

She remained in Police custody overnight and appeared in court yesterday at Parramatta Local Court.

The assaulted baby has since been taken to a Children’s Hospital for assessment as a precautionary measure.

The Police department later submitted a report for a child at Risk notification to the family and Community Service Department.

No reports has been made concerning the verdict of the court on the case yet, but we hope justice is served efficiently.

What could an 11 months old baby ever do to deserve such cruelty?