Woman Dies In A Fight With Neighbour

Woman Dies In A Fight With Neighbour


A woman has been pronounced dead during a fight with her co-tenant known as Sewuese in Markurdi, Benue State.

The deceased Monica, who is said to be a nursing mother reportedly collapsed after receiving a slap from Sewuese.

An witness told newsmen that the fight started after the deceased bought a candy for her child, which allegedly was taken off him  by Sewuese’s child. The child cried out, on  hearing the cry of the child,  the mother who left outside to play came out, though not established what followed, it was reported by eye witness that the deceased and the mother the other child who  took the candy off him got into a scuffle which resulted from one of the mothers dying from a fatal slap.

The State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Moses Yamu, when contacted told newsmen that the case had not been reported to the command.

Last year in Benin City, Edo State, a woman allegedly stabbed her fellow woman to death over a thousand naira she borrowed from the deceased when she asked for her the money to be returned

In that case, in was reported that the woman who committed the atrocity took up the knife she was using to cut some vegetable from her table and used it stab  her friend.

Editor’s Note: There are many unreported crimes in Nigeria, especially sex crimes, child abuse to violence against women. Pedophiles are known and allowed to live where vulnerable children are. Rapist are pointed at by victims ‘ That guy raped me when  i was this or that age.’ You most likely be told to shut up and never speak of such again or worst ‘ Are you not ashamed, that guy raped you, what were you doing in his house’

A BROKEN SOCIETY!….When will children and women ever be made to feel heard and safe…