She Gets Insulted And Threatened For Saying ‘NO’ To Him

She Gets Insulted And Threatened For Saying ‘NO’ To Him


A Nigerian based Lebanese male has recently insulted a Nigerian Female on instant messager, Whatsapp.

The woman  (name undisclosed), went on social media to upload screen grabs of her chat with the Lebanese. In the whatsapp chat, the Lebanese male identified by another screenshot as Ahmad Nasr from Tripoli, Lebanon, insults the Nigerian woman on the grounds that she refused to meet with him.

He went on to call her a monkey and when she told him she was going to share the chat with the world, he allegedly threatened saying all sorts of things.

It is quite shameful how most men (not just this one), go about insulting and faulting the good name of some women just because they said “No” to them on the grounds of romance or something as trivial as mere friendship.

If she doesn’t want you, is it by force? Take your goods somewhere else. Insulting her just proves the man to be a low self esteemed puny Man with a lot of insecurities as to his level of Manness.