Woman Pours Hot Water On Husband For Marrying A Second Wife

Woman Pours Hot Water On Husband For Marrying A Second Wife


A Woman In Kaduna area of Nigeria, according to online sources poured boiling-hot water on her husband out of jealousy.

This reportedly happened about 2 weeks after the victim brought home a second wife -The First wife clearly wasn’t happy about this.

The man was rushed to the Hospital but was left with multiple burns all over his body.

Islamic religion permits a man to marrying more than one wife. They are permitted to marrying up to four wives, if he’s able to take care of all wives equally. The first wife ought to be very much aware of this happenning at a given time, believing she’s in the knowledge of islamic belief in having more than one wife, before she agreed to marry him.

Read as reported by a social media user

 Reports on social media yesterday said the new wife was a victim also. The new bride reports said was bathed also in hot water. They got married a week ago.was  They both sustained serious burns at the time of the incident, but reports later coming in said the man has died in the hospital. He died from injuries related to the burns he sustained when he was attacked and bathed with hot water by the first wife who was protesting against him for bringing home a second wife.

To assault and bath your husband in hot scalding water because he married another wife is a very wicked act. Domestic violence is both ways, no matter what it is, violence should never ever  be used. He went and married another woman and  yes, it got emotionally distressing for you, all you should have done is quit the marriage, not attack the man and the bride. Now you stand accused of murder.


  1. This is a wicked act is not good why pouring hot water on your fellow human beings just because of jealousy too bad