Women Get Beaten By Their Boyfriend’s For Cheating, Who Beat Them ...

Women Get Beaten By Their Boyfriend’s For Cheating, Who Beat Them When They cheat?


“Men and women have roles – their roles are different, but their rights are EQUAL”……Harri Holkeri.

This famous quote makes you to begin to ask what right exactly does a man have to take the life of his wife, girlfriend or lover. Who made him the alpha and omega over any woman, to decide whether she lives or dies because she was found wanting in any form or kind of way. Women are  beaten, maimed or worst killed by spouses based on one factor only.

The fact that women are weaker in strength therefore only have a limited physical ability to defend themselves or fight back when attacked by senseless spineless men, who their only area of dominance is reigning over weak and defenceless women.

It is really sickening, this is not just Nigeria alone, no, let us be clear, spousal violence is not particular to Nigeria, its a global pandemic. Nigeria has one of the highest statistic in Africa.

Women being more at risk from violence than men in all sectors of the society and in every part of the world, hence the high awareness campaign on stop the violence against women worldwide.


Recently a Brazilian man murdered his girlfriend on a livestream video, over cheating allegations!!! He suspected she was seeing someone else and was spending his money on another of her boyfriend. He shot her on point blank on camera, then proceeded to hit her with the butt of the gun as she lay dying on the ground. Domestic violence at it’s peak!!

Cheating allegations people, cheating allegations!!! I thought this was one of those hog wash news until I saw this said video myself, I suddenly went numb, the video sent some hot and cold chilling sensation at the same time down my spine.

Who gave man the right to take a woman’s life over cheating? If women are to kill men who cheat, how many men would be left? Many a time women get beaten by their spouses for cheating, who beat the men when they cheat ?

The statistics on domestic violence in Nigeria is shocking as well – according to National Population Commission (NPC) and ICF Macro 2009, Nigeria has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Africa.

The African journal of Reproductive Health in 2005 referring to Nigerian men: “A husband has the liberty to violate and batter his wife if he feels she has not adequately fulfilled her obligations.” Who then batters the man when he fails to fulfill his obligation?

Amnesty International calls Nigeria’s rate of domestic violence “shocking” and has subsequently called on the local governments to do something to stem the violence that: “on a daily basis, Nigerian women are beaten, raped and even murdered by members of their family for supposed transgressions which can range from not having meals ready on time to visiting family members without their husband’s permission”.

The way we treat domestic violence is quite deplorable and disgraceful and it is high time there was a review and a robust public education aimed at the rural to urban level, from households, primary to secondary, universities, down to mainstream, hairdressers, barbers, market-places, hospitals, institutions, workplaces, communities and on, through to all responsible government parastatals. This have to be a top to bottom approach.

#SayNoToDomesticViolence #TogetherWeCan

By Frank Iyke


  1. These and many more reasons , we have to continue to raise awareness against domestic violence!!
    Is eating deep into our society!!

  2. sometime I wonder men make GOD over woman. no man has right to kill a woman just because she cheat on him.

  3. evil man, so what does women do to men who cheat and spend the womens money on there girl friends. may GOD help us oooooooo